(all spirited cocktails minimum 2oz)

house cocktails

what we’re into right now, no rules

Cashmere Cowboy – 21

bourbon, amaro lucano, palo cortado sherry, house amaretto, sweet grass

The Way West – 18

black tea infused cognac, salal, lemon, sparkling wine

crystalline falcon – 18

apricot eau de vie, aged rum, oloroso sherry, rooibos tea, tonka bean, citrus, whey

freezer martini – 18

blend of london dry and olt tom gins, dry vermouth, orange bitters, saline, olives

Romero Camero – 18

reposado tequila, amaro montenegro, salted rosemary honey, grapefruit, lemon

archived classics

back by popular demand

cedar sour – 17

cedar infused rye, thyme, lemon, egg white

rhu-barbie ferrari – 29

villa lobos distillation strength blanco tequila, fino, campari, rhubarb, apple, lemon

hunting cabin – 18

peated scotch, cherry heering, benedictine, kola nut bitters

mahalo amigo – 21

mezcal, bianco vermouth, pineapple, jasmine, lime, tonic

the leisure suit – 16

agricole rum, overproof demerara rum, benedictine, falernum, lime, nutmeg


Local legends

classic cocktails made with b.c. spirits

blue crush cosmo – 19
tofino distilling co. vodka,
sons of vancouver blue curacao,
white cranberry, lime
thirst trap daiq – 17

devine ‘honey shine’ amber rum,
strawberry, lime

hydro hill high ball – 17

pacific rim quince barley liquor,our salmonberry bitters, soda

Tofino Sazerac – 23

tofino distilling co. rye whisky, tofino distilling co. ‘psychedelic jellyfish’ absinthe, peychaud’s bitters

zero proof

no booze, no worries, we got you!

the body is a temple – 10

fresh orange juice, hibiscus pomegranate reduction, thyme, soda

All spritzy – 12

giffard bitter, lemon, tonic, soda

the oracle – 13

non-alcoholic gin, grapefruit, sage,
orange blossom, soda

raspberry beret – 10

lemonade, raspberry, rosewater, egg white

the white lotus pilot episode – 11

watermelon, fresh orange juice, lime, almond

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