Introducing Nike…our latest art installation


If you’ve visited us recently, you probably noticed our new sculpture outside. Some people think it’s a whale tail; other people see a chanterelle mushroom…what do you see?

Sculptor Michael Dennis is based on nearby Denman Island and his piece is titled Nike (named after the Greek goddess of Victory… not the sports brand). Michael uses the natural lines of salvaged cedar trees to create human forms that show both the original tree shape and a female silhouette.

Californian Michael moved to Denman Island in the 80s after a successful career in science that began with a PhD from Stanford and included time as a professor of medicine at Harvard and the University of California, San Francisco. His move to Denman Island marked his movement into the arts. Michael uses cedar logs that have been salvaged from the islands and now his huge sculptures can be seen on the mainland in Vancouver at SFU, UBC and Dude Chilling Park and also feature in art collections across the globe.

We’re honoured to give ‘Nike’ a home outside of Wolf in the Fog – come and see for yourself or learn more about Michael’s work at