It’s Chanterelle Season

From the crisp wind chill to the dewy aromas of autumn in the morning air, fall is one of our favourite seasons here in Tofino. An abundance of wholesome, local ingredients and that iconic, rugged coastal beauty are the ultimate inspiration for a diverse and flavourful menu. Moreover, fall is the season for Chanterelle mushrooms and that’s definitely something we can get excited about.

Chanterelles are one of the world’s most well loved wild mushrooms. Easily recognizable by their delicate, flowery anatomy, chanterelle mushrooms grow from late spring through the fall. With over forty different varieties across North America, their nutty, mild apricot flavour make these mushrooms a fall favourite.

Chanterelles remain a wild variety of mushroom as they have a symbiotic relationship with the hardwood trees they grow near (particularly Douglas Fir, Pine, Maple and Spruce). This can make them a little difficult to cultivate, but the unique and wonderful flavour of a freshly harvested chanterelle mushroom makes it all worth it.

Whenever we can, we like to forage our own product. In the case of chanterelles, this means making the trip into the woods just a few kilometres outside of Tofino. In just a few hours, you can come away with pounds of perfect chanterelle mushrooms. Sometimes after a day of foraging, we’ll cook up a legendary meal and invite all our friends. More often than not, these types of gatherings will transform into a party and that’s just how we like it.

There’s nothing that brings people together quite like a passion for hands-on foraging in the heart of the wilderness and the unforgettable meal that always follows.